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Jio gives opportunity to earn a rupee, earn 25 to 30,000 rupees per month

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This space required
If you want to apply to install a tower on your own roof or land, first of all check that if you have land or roof according to company rules. There should be at least 500 sq ft space to install a tower on the roof. If you have a plot and its area should be at least 2000 sq ft.
Give the company complete details
In fact, telecom companies set up mobile towers by private companies. Some of the companies that use mobile towers include Indus Towers, American Tower Corporation, Bharti Infratel, ATC, Wyom, GTL. These companies work on installing mobile towers at different locations. If you wish, go to the respective company's website. There you have to give all information related to your property such as your plot that the roof, property is residential or commercial and this property is in the name of others. This will also provide information about the city and the state.
This may be due to income
Mobile companies offer rent for different locations according to the tower. If your property is in the urban area then the rent will get more. Fare less in semi-urban areas and less rent in rural areas. From these companies, the urban area fares as a rental of between 25 and 30000 rupees per month. If the property is chosen after the testing of the Soul Testing and the location, then there is a contract between the company and the property owner. According to the total cost of the towel being used by the company.
These documents are required
If you apply for a tower of Geo, you need to photocopies of land paper, NOC paper from Civic body, Land Survey Report and IDProf. The original copy of these documents has to be presented when the company asks you to.
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